Membership payments will be direct debited from the client’s nominated bank account or credit card the following day after the membership form has been submitted. If you would like to change the payment day or frequency, please contact debit success on 1800 148 848

The transaction name could appear on your bank statement as either Volt Fitness Nightclub or Debit Success. Each bank account direct debit will incur a small transaction fee of 4%. Credit card payments are accepted, fees and charges do apply of 4%. A one off admin set up fee applies of $12.00 for all new direct debits.

All dishonoured payments will incur a fee of $12.

All enquiries relating to payments are to be made directly to Debit Success by phoning 1800 148 848.


A 48-hour cooling off period applies from the date in which the agreement is signed and submitted. At any point within the 48 hour cooling off period a member may cancel their agreement with Volt Fitness Nightclub in full and therefore has no ongoing obligations to Volt Fitness Nightclub .


If your direct debit is not successful for any reason, Volt Fitness Nightclub reserves the right to suspend access to the studio/sessions until the full amount in arrears has been brought up to date. A $12.00 dishonour fee applies for each failed transaction.

Debit success will be in contact with any client that has a payment dishonour. Text messages & emails will be sent with a "Pay Now" link to securely bring your account up to date. If the account has not been brought up to date within 24 hours, Debit Success will phone the client and form a payment arrangement.

Volt Fitness Nightclub and Debit Success allow for 3 x payment attempts. Single payment, Double payment and Triple Payment. If all three attempts fail, the clients account will be prepared for debt collection by a third party where all fees and charges will be added to the clients outstanding membership balance.


The minimum age to solely train with Volt Fitness Nightclub is 16 years. People under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is 18 years or older for every session they attend. Members under the age of 18 year are not permitted to train alone.


Volt Fitness Nightclub may sometimes add to, change or remove our terms and conditions. This includes the change of opening and closing hours, Volt Fitness Nightclub services and facilities and membership fees.

Volt Fitness Nightclub may also close for refurbishments to improve facilities or during holiday periods including but not limited to Christmas & Easter. If Volt Fitness Nightclub remains partially open on an average of half the sessions run of a standard week, payments will resume as normal. If closure of the entire studio is scheduled for the purpose of refurbishments or holiday periods whereas no sessions are held, Volt Fitness Nightclub will stop all membership payments until reopen date.


Volt Fitness Nightclub reserves the rights to increase your membership fees. Volt Fitness Nightclub will make reasonable effort to inform you of any fee changes at least 28 days in advance. Members that are not in any "term agreement" may have their fees changed at any point with 28 days’ notice. Should membership fees change, a new agreement will be sent to you.


Volt Fitness Nightclub understands that from time to time you may not be able to train due to holidays, illness or injury. The following rules apply to all members if you wish to suspend or cancel your membership agreement with Volt Fitness Nightclub :


14 days notice is required for all payment suspensions. Memberships can be suspended at any time for up to a total of 4 weeks per year. Cancellations cannot be back dated. The 14 days notice period will commence from the date the first cancellation request was sent in writing to Volt Fitness Nightclub or Debit Success.

If a membership cancellation is requested during a suspension period. Membership payments will recommence for 28 days during the 28 day cancellation notice period. Membership suspensions and cancellation periods cannot be used in conjunction with one another.


Volt Fitness Nightclub does not have any lock in term agreements. There is a small requirement of 28 days notice to cancel your membership agreement at anytime. Weekly debits will continue as normal for the 28 days. You are more than welcome to continue attending sessions during the 28 days.

Cancellations cannot be back dated. The 28 days notice period will commence from the date the first cancellation request was sent in writing to Volt Fitness Nightclub or Debit Success.


Volt Fitness Nightclub is not required to refund any amount of challenge membership fees due to change of mind, unavailability, change in circumstances or any other reason what so ever.

Challenge agreements are not something to be entered into lightly. This is an agreement set for 8 weeks’ worth of life changing training. If a member chooses to enter into an challenge payment plan, the member must ensure that all weekly payments are honoured and paid on time and in full each week. A $12.00 dishonour fee applies for each direct debit that is not honoured on the due date.

Should the client miss a Private Coaching session during the a challenge, that PT session is then forfeited and Volt Fitness Nightclub has no obligation to refund or make up that lost session. Due to limited time available during peak challenge times, rescheduling a PT session is not possible.


Volt Fitness Nightclub reserves the right to change the length of each session depending on the session content. On average sessions will last approximately 45 - 60 minutes which a warm up will be included in the overall session time. Some weekend sessions can run for 90 minutes. - Participating locations only.



Volt Fitness Nightclub indoor studio locations primarily operate its sessions through Rain, Hail or Shine. Volt Fitness Nightclub may schedule outdoor sessions from time to time. Any Outdoor Bootcamp/Event that is scheduled will go ahead unless the trainer deems it unsafe to continue.


Volt Fitness Nightclub outdoor bootcamp sessions will operate during rain should the coach still deem the area to be safe.

Hail, Lightening, Flash Flooding or any other dangerous scenarios that may be present will see the sessions cancelled immediately.

Should a representative from Volt Fitness Nightclub need to cancel the sessions due to weather, power outages or a potential danger, no refund or compensation will be given for those sessions.


You agree to allow Volt Fitness Nightclub full and complete use of all video content or photos of you for promotional and marketing purposes.

Ticking this box represents that I completely understand and agree to abide by all the terms and conditions listed below.


Client understands that all activities and exercises are taken at their own risk and should listen to the instructions given by the trainer. Volt Fitness Nightclub does not take responsibility for any illness or injuries sustained either in or out of sessions. Should injury or illness occur where the client is required to take time off training at Volt Fitness Nightclub . The membership agreement will still be in place for the time that the client is in rest. The clients obligations to their membership agreement is not void until such time that the full amount owing on the membership has been paid in full.

By purchasing a membership or fitness sessions with Volt Fitness Nightclub . Client is making a commitment to his/her health. Clients should follow the program and instructions of the trainer to the best of their ability to maximise their results and better achieve their goals without injury. Trainer will show client how to work his/her exercises correctly and encourage him/her to go to his/her safe limit, however the client is the only one who can make sure he/she program is followed consistently, eats nutritious foods regularly, gets plenty of sleep, and lives a healthy lifestyle.


Client may refuse or stop any exercise for any reason. It is Client’s responsibility to notify the trainer of any discomfort, pain or allergies arising from or during exercise, as well as, all other known limitations client has or experiences so that trainer may accommodate client and substitute another exercise to work that particular muscle group.